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     Our reputation for having the toughest, fastest, most aggressive watercraft is well known. If you're looking to be the first out of the hole either at a tournament or just want to get to where the fish are fast, on an average day, we've got you covered.

    With our signature look and luxurious fit, not only will  you get there first but you'll look good doing it. While your view of the horizon ahead is exceptional, the people behind you will only see whitewash and a blur. By the time they catch up to you, the wake will have settled out. Let's not forget the long standing bragging rights.

   Gambler & Sterling Bass Boats gives the latest in hull design and comfort with hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, stability, comfort and usability.

    Gambler & Sterling Bass Boats can provide you with the latest and best in all your bass boat needs. Call or stop by. You can bet your sweet bass you'll be glad you did.